About the artist

Digital painter, illustrator
Digital artist Mary Dian's creativity grew out of a child's passion for drawing and an adult curiosity about everything new. Continuously studying digital techniques and developing artistic skills, she has achieved high proficiency in digital painting. In most of her paintings, romantic female images are immersed in fantasy or surreal worlds. The artist loves to work in a realistic manner, so her paintings look like photographs taken in fantasy or fairy-tale dreams.

Here you can learn more about her works.
Fantasy and surrealism
Noon under a haystack. Series "Origami"
For sale
Bird flight. Series "Origami"
For sale
Sirin bird
For sale
Queen of the ball
For sale
For sale
Slavic goddess of fertility Mokosh
Eastern fairy tale
For sale
Slavic sun god Svarozhich
Dance with Wolves
For sale
Bringer of the storm
For sale
I am not a puppet
Night rider
Steampunk era
Sakura blossoms
The Snow Queen
Magic crystal
Night biker
Sea mermaid
Huntress Diana
Tales of Venice
Urban amazon

Artistic portraits

Abstract female portrait "Carnelian"
For sale
Female mosaic portrait
For sale
Portrait of a woman, chrysolite
Decorative portrait
For sale
Woman's portrait, emerald
Woman's portrait, amethyst
Portrait of a woman, ruby, imitation of Anna Bocek
Portrait of a woman, sapphire
Portrait of a woman, Flanders
Portrait of a girl with multi-colored hair
Portrait of opera singer Bibigul Tulegenova
Woman's portrait, turquoise
Male portrait, imitation of Solly Smook
Male portrait on a blue background
Woman portrait, autumn
Portrait of a woman, autumn wind
Children's portraits
Girl in a Russian hut
Boy with puppy
Girl with dandelion
Portrait of a boy in blue
Girl with seagulls
Portrait of a boy
Girl with a teddy bear
The first time in first class
Don't be afraid, I'm with you
Payment and delivery
Some of the above works are for sale. They can be purchased as digital files (originals), paintings printed on canvas (paintings) or other products - prints, calendars, souvenirs (products). Payment and delivery method depend on the type of product and are detailed on the corresponding page of the store (see the menu above).
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